Services and capabilities

Custom Software Development Services

  • With our strong technical background and great analytical skills, we will support you to develop any custom application— develop any custom application. 
  • Our expertise includes back-end languages like Java, PHP, and Ruby; front-end technologies like JavaScript and React; and databases including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Applications we develop will work on your existing IT infrastructure or we can configure custom infrastructure solutions that are perfect for the task at hand. 

Application Maintenance and Enhancements

  • We will ensure the scalability, performance, and sustainability of your new and existing applications as your business grows. 
  • Our experts will support your company to solve any issue that prevents your systems from performing optimally by providing application maintenance and IT infrastructure support.
  • We will always keep your business priorities in mind to make sure that your apps keep running and making money for your business.

Process Automation

  • We develop automation tools that replicate human behavior to turn repetitive, error-prone, manual tasks into simple automated procedures. 
  • Process automation is flexible enough to make a wide variety of tasks more efficient. 
  • We can automate all sorts of processes based in highly repetitive tasks. 
  • Automated systems can coexist with humans, allowing each to take advantage of their strengths.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

  •  Whether we are developing a custom app from scratch, making modifications to an existing piece of software, or offering technical support, we continually focus ensuring that the software we provide is of the highest quality possible. 
  • Areas included are: 
  • Manual and automated testing to make sure that the application performs correctly with a variety of inputs.
  • API testing to verify that application programming interfaces (APIs) provide the correct output for given inputs.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) to find areas that users struggle to operate and uncover issues that were not discovered during previous testing.
  • Performance and load testing to make sure that the application will continue to be fast and usable, even with huge numbers of simultaneous users.
  • SQL testing to improve the resiliency and correctness of the database structure.

Dedicated Engineers

  • Need an engineer with a specific background to join your team for a period of time? Our dedicated IT consultants can help.
  • We have dedicated engineers to fit your business needs:
    – Business analyst
    – Program/Project manager
    – Scrum Master
    – Salesforce developer, administrator, or architect
    – Microsoft Dynamics developer, administrator, or architect
    – Database administrator

Dedicated Teams

  • With a dedicated team, your business will have access to the collective knowledge we have as a company. 
  • Instead of providing services on a job-by-job basis, our engineers immerse themselves into your team and work exclusively on your company’s solutions, and tackle even the most critical issues.

Providing Recommendations and Guidelines

  • Addressing specific issues and needs generally requires an analysis to provide recommendations and technical guidelines. 
  • Even if your company does not know where to start on a given problem, we can help.
  • With our technical expertise and ability to understand our clients’ needs, we can analyze any situation to provide recommendations and suggestions that fit your needs.


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